Posted by: spiritteacher | November 20, 2012


“I will leave all the judging to God.”

When we watch the news instead of feeling fearful, let’s do something radical. Let’s offer a blessing for everyone portrayed. Let’s bless the victim and the perpetrator.  Remember, the victim wouldn’t be a victim if the perpetrator understood who he/she was, a Child of God, a Loving Creation, a Beautiful Being. Crimes only happen because people are angry and fearful and don’t believe God loves them. 

Let’s tell them God loves them through our prayers. Whether or not they hear us is not our business. Choosing Love instead of hate, deciding for forgiveness instead of judgment is what will bring us peace. Being kind and compassionate for everyone is aligning with God’s laws. It is not condoning violence to forgive.  Forgiveness is simply freeing ourselves of fear and letting God be in charge. That’s where our power lies. Let’s let God do the judging while we simply choose to rest in His loving strength and offer peace to all the world.

Our choice to hate and judge keeps us in prison.  This is not a new thought, but it is a thought we need to incorporate into our hearts if we truly want to be healed and to help heal the world. No one is exempt from God’s Love. It is we who close the prison door on Him and trap ourselves inside. So it must be we who open that door and free ourselves for a full and loving life. 

May you walk in freedom and in peace today knowing that God loves everyone.


  1. Good morning Artist In Blue. Thank you for your quiet presence in my life. I am so grateful. Love, Sharie

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