Posted by: spiritteacher | November 6, 2012


“I will vote for God today.”

When we let our egos govern our life,  our country and our world, we will find conflict and see unhappiness and injustice around us.  Because we are blinded by our fear thinking, we may, for convenience sake or for the purpose of being “right”, grab onto dissenting thoughts from the media or other sources and simply choose to see the false as true because it benefits our party.  Or we may choose the false or partially factual because it makes sense in a political system of separation and opposition.  It is easy to get caught up in party power which blinds us from true governing which is unifying and healing and the desire for what’s best for all.  

In God there is no hierarchy. We may have different positions in the world where some have the responsibility for governing others, but unless those who govern do so with kindness, respect,  compassion and prayer, it isn’t true governing.  It is simply overpowering the will of others for a purpose less than holy.  

It is tempting to allow our political beliefs to magnify our differences instead of remembering the ways we are the same. We are holy children of a Loving God having a human experience with needs and desires that are the same.  We all want to be happy.  We all want to be healthy.  We all want to be safe. We all want to enjoy God’s plenty. There is only one Who can govern in perfect Love and unless we are following His guidance, we can’t possibly know what is best for all.

In the spirit of Oneness, with hearts full of gratitude and true forgiveness, absolute trust and joyous love, let’s surrender the  country and the world to Him and watch this unstable and unhappy place transform into perfection where nothing else exists, but God’s grace and peace and joyous abundance for all.  Now we have made the choice to let go of petty power struggles and negative judgments. Instead we have chosen to join our Holy power in Oneness with our Divine Creator. Instead of allowing ourselves to be torn apart by nonsense thinking, we are now blessing our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, our country and our world.

And we can imagine God breathing a sigh of relief as He whispers into our hearts, “Thank you, my beloved children.  It is time for a new way of thinking.”


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    • Thank you April Dear for your loving kindness. I would love to have my web site go viral if it is God’s will. Let me pray about this. I would prefer that it do what it is meant to do and be seen by those who are guided to see it by God in His time and in His way. “My prayer is always Those who need me will be brought to me and those I need will be brought to me as well.” I truly believe the initial boost must come from God and not from me. Love you, Sharie

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