Posted by: spiritteacher | October 5, 2012


“All your past except its beauty is gone
and nothing is left but a blessing.”
A Course In Miracles

Go inside your mind and see a tree, glorious and tall, its branches raised majestically, its trunk spanning the world. This tree has no leaves and yet it is full and beautifully abundant with not a bare spot to be seen. It cannot perish or change its hues which already are all the colors of the Universe.  Nor can what grows upon it ever be diminished or forgotten.

Go closer and lean your weight against it. Rest in its shade. Look up into its branches and see what fills them.  Do you recognize its fruit?  They are all the miracles, large and small, that belong to you.  See them fastened to the tree like lovely ornaments polished to a perfect sheen.

Every loving thought you’ve ever had is hanging there, blessed and saved for all eternity. There are your miracles of kind acts preserved for you in holy purity. The branches of the tree bear all the memories of each time your heart was opened to another, as are all the times your eyes have seen the truth of someone else; the innocence within their soul. As well, your gentleness and grace and every tear you’ve wiped from someone’s face or shed in loving sympathy for them. Every child you’ve ever held and every hand you’ve ever clasped as you helped a brother or a sister up and back upon their path. Every time you have forgiven yourself or someone else is a light upon the tree. Each time you trusted God instead of fear is a gift that He holds dear and keeps in place for you within the branches of this tree.

Every time you celebrated life instead of death is suspended there. Also every dark and painful moment you chose another way, opening your mind to embrace the holy healing of happy joy and laughter. Every prayer you’ve ever prayed where you put God’s will ahead of yours and every time that you grew still on His behalf are all firmly on the tree.

No matter what mistakes you make they are nothing in the face of all your miracles held fast upon God’s Tree of Truth where they will stay forever, shining their holy, healing light upon the earth. These words cannot convey how precious are your miracles that God has saved for you.  And when the time should come that you look back upon your life, be sure that these and only these are all that you and He will see.

(A Parable)


  1. Thank you Subhan. The tree of truth is a powerful piece for me because it reminds when I forget that I am more than I think I am and God sees that in me as well. And in you too, of course. Love, Sharie

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