Posted by: spiritteacher | August 23, 2012


“I will lay all my worries down today.”

Are we often beset by unnamed worries and anxiety? Awake in the night thinking of what could happen down to the last terrifying detail? The fact is, we can spend our time making up a frightening scenario for every situation we can think of.  A successful greeting card line could be Panic For All Occasions.  Most of the things we fret over are out of our control and almost never happen. 

Here’s a thought to help get things back into perspective. Let ask ourselves, “Has it happened?” If it hasn’t happened, (and most of the time, it hasn’t) then why worry? To quiet our nerves, a simple, “I’ll worry about this later.” 

And if something has happened, then again, why worry?  Simply give it to God and let His Love make all the corrections for a happy resolution to everything.

So now the answer is,  If it happens, then I’ll look at it with God … or … It has happened!  My worst fears!  Now I’ll look at it with God.  Either way, he’ll tell us what to do and show us how to find peace, even in this.

When picked apart, it’s clear that anxiety and worry are not really about anything or anyone specific. They are about not being in control.  And since there is a power higher than Ours that IS IN CONTROL, why waste time, energy and our health getting agitated when we can simply rest in Him.

We can allow our minds to be clear as crystal, free of all thoughts we have chosen. Our hearts can be open wide and ready to receive. If we let go of all our judgments and preconceptions about everything and just be empty vessels for a greater truth then that greater truth can be shown us.

Now we are free to Breathe, Pray and Meditate our way to peace. Now we are free to live a joyful life, not the one we made, but the one God chose for us.

May you walk in the world today with a clear mind and an open heart ready to receive.

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