Posted by: spiritteacher | July 13, 2012


“I will love myself no matter what.” 

It’s time to step back and question our beliefsIf we’re experiencing fear and anxiety on a daily basis, we must begin by knowing first and foremost that “this simply isn’t me.”  It’s a portion of our mind that is imbedded deep inside from our unholy past. Like a virus or a bacteria it comes to the surface whenever the conditions are just right. It’s unbelievable how real nothing can feel.

We cannot allow ourselves to take our fears seriously.  When we do we get very distracted and caught up in what isn’t real and we miss our miracles. So let’s smile through the pain; let’s love ourselves in spite of it. Absolutely, we mustn’t fight it or suppress it. When we try to hide from it, we give it greater power. Let’s say to ourselves very strongly, “I don’t care how it feels or looks, I know it isn’t real.” 

The reason we know it isn’t real is because we are not at peace.  Only God is real and God gives only peace.


  1. Dear Sharie,
    I like this message. I can seem to use the word “real”…as we are speaking of the present time (moment)…..the now. And I really know that is what you mean. It isn’t real…
    I had to read it a couple times, though, because what happened WAS real. I wanted to put in the word….”past” or was real and isn’t now…..
    I do understand it isn’t real….now. But it is what comes up in the present.
    Ok….the more I write and think about it…..I know what you mean and it is
    what I get now…….whew……
    The past is past ……..accept, own, forgive and let go…..
    Love you!
    sis, Pat

    • You said it all, Dear Pat. And you know that the Course teaches that only God is Real. In that sense nothing can harm us. His protection heals all things. The past IS past. So follow your own advice and all will be well for you. “…accept, own, forgive and let go…” Thank you for your wisdom. Love you, Sis S

  2. And yes, I will learn to love myself no matter what……
    (hard lesson)…..thank you again,
    Love you,
    sis Pat

    • Pat Dear, I find it very easy to love you. So why shouldn’t you? Love, S

  3. Boy this is a tough one but good. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Dearest Maria, it’s interesting how people react to these words. To be perfectly honest, I don’t feel any ownership of them. I have been writing on this blog for three years and from the beginning I have asked for guidance in which are the words for today. It’s as though this is a circular book and I am asked to bring up what is needed for today. And every day after I bring this day’s message to the surface and post it, I always read back and feel that these words are exactly what I need right now. I guess this makes sense when we understand that we are all one and our lessons are the same no matter what the individual form they may take. Thank you for blessing me with your presence here. Lovingly always, Sharie

  4. Thanks for sharing, sharie, I always wondered how and where you come up with this, of course I know it is always spirit led. Bless you for doing this ,not only for yourself but. For sharing it with all of us.

    • Dear Maria, to continue the conversation for just a moment, I’ve been a writer all my life, but until I began to allow the words to be written through me instead of me trying to force them onto the page it was always a challenge. Writing was work. Now the writing flows much more freely. And it feels governed by a higher, loving place. Yes, I write and re-write, but even the editing is more fun. I can sit for a long time over a single paragraph or a bit of poetry without even noticing that time is passing. It almost feels like meditation. I’m really not very good at actual meditation which is being still and listening. But this form of listening feels comfortable and right for me. And I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this small way. Love you, Sharie

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