Posted by: spiritteacher | June 13, 2012


“Today I will let God carry my burdens.”

If we listen closely we can hear God’s voice saying, “Smile and remember I am with you always. Give Me your fears and all that disturbs you. What is a heavy weight to you is weightless to me.  Let me carry your burdens so that once and for all, you can have the peace you crave.”

By listening and allowing God to be in charge we are, at last, giving ourselves the opportunity to forgive the past and surrender the future. He will solve every problem and free us from all need to make decisions alone. But He can only do this with our permission.

God speaks to our hearts, these loving words, “I can make the corrections that balance and harmonize your experience, but only if you will let me. It must be your will. Again, TRUST ME.  I LOVE YOU!  You are a loving and delightful spirit whose light shines everywhere you go.  I recognize your holiness and so now you must as well. The only thing holding you back is you have forgotten to take My hand.  Trust.  Trust.  Trust.  All is well, I tell you.  Trust.  Be still and trust.” 

In this way, we will see that every moment given to God is a gift to us.



  1. On plane now. I Realy thank you for this message today before I left the house. After first flight to Atlanta I really prayed to God …feeling better now. How do I stay this way???? I will go back to the trust in God to release the burden to him..
    Thank youu ShRie,
    Sis pat

    • Don’t ask questions, Pat Dear. Simply Be and accept what that means without concern and with perfect Trust. Envision yourself as a crystal channel for God’s Love. Feel it flow through you and out into the world touching everyone in your path. There is no blockage now, for your crystal channel does not allow it. Have a wonderful time. Love you, Sis, Sharie

  2. I will do it. I forgive myself thru the Love of God. March 8th Study Group.
    Love you,

    • Your comment came through fine, Pat. I will reply to your e-mail later. Love you, Sis S

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