Posted by: spiritteacher | June 7, 2012


“I am ready to change my mind and be at peace.”

The time for change has come. Change only means giving up all those things we don’t want. Fear. Sickness. Scarcity. Hatred. War. Violence. Pain. Suffering. And opening our hearts to God’s gifts of healing and holy Oneness.  The only change we can effect is to change our minds.

To begin the change we need to open our minds to seeing ourselves as powerful and beloved creations of a Loving God and to decide that since God loves us so much, it is absolutely time for us to value and love ourselves. To love ourselves is the first step in healing the world. First we heal our personal world and then we allow our inward healing to ripple out through time and space and heal all our brothers.

Let’s let God’s Light shine upon us as we walk through His world, while we remember once and for all Who we are.  Now we can let the power of our loving thoughts do their work. Just as the sun and rain nourish the soil from which a flower grows, we can let our happy thoughts work through the soil of our mind so love can bloom.  Change is harmless. Staying as we are is dangerous.


  1. Dear Sharie,
    You are so right!!! Sometimes its hard. I’ve gotten myself a little “worked up” about packing everything for our upcoming trip to Cal. next Wed. Have lots of other activities between now and then and trying to do those and pack etc… silly and inconsequential… is my ego ….I know it. I talked to Whit and “simplified” the whole thing. Plus I am now taking “one thing at a time”……It is different than I have been in the past. Everything “has to be perfect”….and then I get all upset. I am stopping that right now. And I am stopping it in part because I am telling you so!!!!!
    Love you lots and thank you!!!!
    sis, Pat

    • Good morning Dear Sis Pat. Preparing for a trip can seem a bit overwhelming. But we know it’s really an opportunity and a very simple one, for surrendering our attachments and letting God walk before us. It sounds like you totally understand that and are doing exercises to get the trip preparations in the right perspective. I am so happy for you. You are really using the Course principles in the right way! You’re right, speaking of your intentions does strengthen them. I am grateful and honored to be that listening ear for you. Have an amazing trip. I have family in Calif. and I grew up there, so if you don’t mind I’ll just curl myself into a corner of one of your bags. Also Bev and the gang are there! Will you be near them at all? I can’t wait to hear about your CA visit when you get back. Love you and Whit as always, Sharie

  2. Sharie… turns out that what I wrote to you was fairly true,,as I just read it again, BUT. ,,I screwed it all up, by getting all worried and anxious later…maybe it was Friday…part of it..and significantly so…Sat morning was worse…I couldn’t sleep and was up awake most of the night. Ended up calling off going to a bridge luncheon date benefiting Cancer. I had felt all week there were too many things I was doing or getting ready for at the same time picking out clothes for a trip to Ca and Pheonix. so I did a “job ” on myself.
    Now I am trying to let go and stop punishing myself. think I will finish this on personal mail.
    Love you,
    Sis, Pat

    • Pat Dear, we are only uncomfortable when we are walking ahead of truth. As I experience my feelings and when I’m not at peace, I can actually see myself trying to wrest the power away from God and piling everything upon my own shoulders. Even though I know in my head that there is no way I can be in charge of things and be at peace, I still try. The good news is that I can remind myself it is only my own thoughts that can affect me and that calms me down. I will respond to your e-mail when I have a moment later in the day. I know you will have a wonderful trip especially when the first step on your journey to CA is to stop punishing yourself. Love you, Sis, Sharie

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