Posted by: spiritteacher | May 16, 2012


My prayer today is simply “help me.”

Let’s take a quiet walk with God and allow our conversation to be a simple, “Help me.”

“Help me to see the world through Your eyes.”
“Help me to know the lesson here.”
“Help me to find peace in this.”
“Help me to see the miracles in all things.”
“Help me to recognize my Holiness.”
“Help me to see the Holiness in others.”
“Help me to see that all I search for is right inside of me.”
“Help me to see that all I fear is my own happiness.”
“Help me see that my lack of peace is my choice for war in some form.”
“Help me to not wage war with myself and others.”
“Help me to be grateful for everything, knowing every experience is here to help me in some way.”
“Help me to listen, hear and trust in You and Your Love and to see there really is nothing else.”

Each “help me” is a prayer to be used to serve you throughout your days. Then design your own “help me” prayers to fit your specific life’s needs and experiences. After each help me, don’t forget to take a quiet moment to walk with God and listen for His answer.  And then say “Thank you.”


  1. Wow, Sharie! I think you’ve summed up your years of work in this post. What a tool for each of us. I’d like to post it at Notes, too, if that’s okay with you. Got to spread these words. 🙂 Love you, Pam

    • Love you Pam. Thank you for sharing my words and joining with me in helping to make this a better world for all of us. Have a beautiful, happy, healthy week-end. Love you, Sharie

  2. Thank you, Blessing Woman.

  3. Here’s the link. Thank you, Sharie! Love you.

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