Posted by: spiritteacher | May 15, 2012


“I will accept God’s gifts for me today.”

Would we refuse a gift from a loved one, a dear friend?  So why would we push away God’s gifts of loving thoughts and healing experiences?  Why would we say, “Sorry, God, I don’t want your miracles and I choose not to be the beautiful and glorious Me that you created.  I would much rather judge my brothers and sisters and heap guilt upon myself than to allow Your love to fill me and govern my life.  I prefer sickness, war and death, suffering and hunger and despair to your abundance, your peace, your health and well being and your eternal life.  So thanks, but no thanks to miracles and wondrous joy.”  This may seem ridiculous and yet it’s what we do each time we choose pain instead of happiness and suffering instead of joy. It’s what we do whenever we judge ourselves and others or allow guilt to govern our thoughts.

Now, let’s join together in this eternal moment and pick ourselves a lovely flower from God’s holy garden and thank Him for His unlimited and eternal Love. Our gratitude will overflow when we at last open our eyes to the truth. 


  1. i agree with you we should always accept a gift with gratitude and love. 🙂

    • In particularly God’s gifts which He bestows upon us each moment of every day. All we need do is look through the dinginess of our fear based thinking and there they are shining brightly and waiting for our acceptance. You deserve all the miracles there are Sharmishtha Dearest and that is what I wish for you today and always. Love, Sharie

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