Posted by: spiritteacher | March 28, 2012


“I will see with my heart today.”

When faced with a challenging relationship, we must find a place and time to go within and get quiet.  Then we can ask for help to see the other person through the eyes of God.  We can ask for help to see through their words and beyond their behavior and into their heart. We can begin to understand that they are so much more.  As we do this, we will see also that we are much more than their perception of us. And then we can go a step further and see that we are much more than our own idea of who we think we are.  

If we are, even for an instant, disturbed by another, it is because we secretly believe in their misguided opinions.  When we truly understand who we really are, our quiet confidence will express this and we will have no need to fight back or to verbally defend or protect ourselves from anyone.  

Everything in the world, animals, plants and people have depths and layers beyond what we can see. It is time to look, not just with our eyes or our five senses, but with our hearts.  It is through opening our hearts and letting in God’s Holy Light that we will understand that we are not simply bodies with limited ideas, but Loving Thoughts governed by the Holy Universe. 

Let’s step back now and let Him lead the way so we can live our true life.  And then no matter what we do here, we will be serving as teachers, ministers and healers. Just our presence and our kind and gentle example is all that is needed to change each moment from one of fear to one of peace and love and joy.  And now, because of us, the world is healed.


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    • Thank you Dear ramOram for continuing to share my message. I love the idea of joining with you in extending God’s Love. What a beautiful thing. Love to you and yours, Sharie

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