Posted by: spiritteacher | March 23, 2012


“I will lead God’s children for a walk in the park today.”

How often do we find ourselves trapped in the dark alleys of our minds? Alleys surrounded by brick walls of despair.  Here everything is hopeless.  Everything is serious.  Problems are huge and everywhere we look.

But what if we turned that thinking around?  Perhaps it isn’t hopeless.  Perhaps its opportunity.  A chance to do something different.  And to share it with others.

What is the opposite of an alley?  A park! What is different from a brick wall?  Sky and space!

Let’s take our brothers and our sisters by the hand and give ourselves a gift.  Let’s be a leader of new thinking and take them for a walk in the park! A park is green and spacious and filled with the joy of birds in song and children laughing.  A park is a place to breathe.  A park is a place where our hearts can lift with joy and we can clear our minds of dark alleys and brick walls.

Perhaps we aren’t here to sell things.  Maybe we weren’t created to push papers.  What if we have a purpose other than to garner votes or make money?  To employ or be employed?

What is stress but the heavy weight we place upon ourselves because we think our purpose is so much smaller than it is?  What is anxiety and depression but the thinking that we are a body separate from other bodies trapped by mistaken ideas of what the world is for?

There is a park right here for everyone within our minds and hearts.  And we can go there any time we want.  A smile.  A laugh. A joyful thought.  A kind act.  A little compassion. These are the great equalizers. It doesn’t take much to create a park right here in the office, at the store, in traffic, at the Capital building.  Those sweet thoughts are the light that flashes through the cracks in the brick walls. Those simple acts are our true purpose here on earth because they join us fast in Love.

Love is why we’re here! 
Happiness is our true calling! 
Forgiveness is the key to healing! 
Sharing is how we receive!

Miracles can’t thrive without a little light.  And a little light is all it takes to start a wondrous and healing avalanche of joy and delight that make alleys disappear and Heaven’s Holy Park alive and well right here. 

Inspired by my spirit sister/friend Rebecca 


  1. Hi Sharie,
    It’s Annie

    • Thank you Annie, for all you do and all you are. Love you, Sharie

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