Posted by: spiritteacher | February 29, 2012


“I will look at my mistakes so I can choose again.”

What if we stop monitoring what everyone else is doing and instead, spend our time in monitoring ourselves? Could it be that the reason we watch each other so closely is because we don’t want to face our own fears? Our own errors in thinking? Our own imperfections?

Let’s open our minds a tiny bit and look for just a moment.

Do certain things in the world and certain people cause our breath to become shallow, our mouths to dry?  Do we feel a clenching in our guts and a tightening around our shoulders?  Does heaviness and discomfort wash over us at certain times?  Does our heart pound sometimes for no reason that we can see?

Those are the times to monitor our thoughts.
Who is it that is making us angry? What are they saying? Or doing?
What is it that is filling us with fear?
Is something happening?  Is nothing happening?
Could it be from the forgotten past?
What’s on TV? What’s on the internet?

What’s the time of day?
Do we awake with fear?
Do we go to bed with fear?

And then we should ask this very important question:


We think it’s that person outside of us.
We think it’s that thing going on.
We believe anything negative someone tells us.
We believe the news.
We believe the internet.
We don’t even question it.
We just believe bad news.

What if we let go of all that and believe God instead?

We have very set and limited ideas of how things should be.  How people should behave.  We may even believe that those set and limited ideas are God’s own laws.  No wonder we’re uncomfortable. We’re trying to force the ocean of our Holy Truth into that tiny drop we call our worldly experience.

But God only has One Law: “Love One Another.”

God tells us, If you’re not at peace; if you’re not happy; if you’re fighting and judging and feeling anything other than LOVE, IT’S NOT ME!!!!  You can’t change the world, Beloved Child, but you can change your mind about how you see the world.  Let Me see all things for you and allow Me to change the world.

It’s true.  God will transform and transcend all the laws of this world if we place our trust in Him.

You don’t have to believe me, but simply choose Him in all things and see for yourself.  Every time we try to think or judge alone, we feel angry or fearful or sad.  Every time we grow quiet and give Him our thoughts and our troubles, we calm down.  It’s simple so why not try it? 

“God, I give this to you.  Show me the world through Your eyes.”

Then rest quietly in Him and see the world transformed.

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