Posted by: spiritteacher | February 23, 2012


“I choose to forgive and surrender everything today.”

We feel a zing of worry, a zap of fear, a smack of judgment and then we use a projector to share that with our sisters and our brothers.  With some, we talk about our hurt and our anger toward others.  Some we attack directly to try and get that bad stuff away from us.  Unconsciously, we believe if it’s on them, it can no longer be on us.

If a spider crawls on us, would we grab it mindlessly and throw it off paying no attention onto whom it may be landing? That is what we do when we project our fears onto the world. The trouble with fear is, unlike a spider, it doesn’t go away when we try to shove it onto someone else.  Instead it becomes stronger in us and compounds itself with guilt.

We don’t understand that there is a better way to handle all the negatives that come into our lives.  We don’t have to use each other as scapegoats or as sounding boards.  Instead we can lift everything up to God and let Him sort it out. 

A prayer:

“I will not project my pain and judgments upon my loved ones and the world. 
Instead I choose to forgive their cause and surrender them to God.
In this way, I am extending peace and love and joy to everyone.

It is in our surrendering all things to God that we are opened to a new way of handling our problems. And as we open ourselves to a new way of thinking, God’s Angels swoop in and lift us above the fray, praise us highly and then show us something different.  Something we have not yet discovered for ourselves.

… surrender is not weakness, but strength and power of the highest degree.
… surrender is not danger, but safety in the highest measure.
… surrender is not painful, but joy and peace at the highest pinnacle.

Surrender is forgiveness. 
Surrender is letting go and letting God.
Surrender is our only chance for peace.

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