Posted by: spiritteacher | February 14, 2012



. Hot chocolate and chamomile tea, warm and soothing to the soul.
. A smile as bright as sunlight shining upon a calm and healed world.
. Fresh baked banana bread, aromatic and delicious.
. Quiet thoughts tiptoeing soundlessly not wanting to disturb.
. A child’s happy laughter; a small hand grasping yours in perfect trust.
. A jolt of joy striking like a bolt of lightning leaving falling miracles around.
. A kitten batting playfully at a puppy’s wagging tail.
. The silent sound of hearts joining one by one in prayer.
.  A dragonfly dancing lightly among the tiger lilies on a summer day.
. The safe and wondrous feeling of trusting in a higher power.
. A friend’s voice on the phone, warm with positive support.
. Knowing absolutely that all your problems have been solved.
. Splashing happily in a cool and cleansing rain.
. Dancing lightly on a rainbow hand in hand with all the world.
. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.
. Living your truth with confidence and love.
. Flying across the crisp and pristine countryside on skis.
. Being in a constant state of oneness with the Universe and knowing nothing else.

 “I will turn each fear thought into a loving thought today.”

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