Posted by: spiritteacher | February 10, 2012

see your SELF

To truly see yourself, don’t look in the mirror, look inside your heart. 
That is where your beauty lies;
Where your strength, your kindness and your compassion abide.

That is where your voice sings songs of joy to the Angels and you are able,
in calm and quiet peace,
to listen to the silence of God’s own Soul
speaking constantly of your holiness.

You are an artist of the spirit,
a poet of the soul,
a creation of delight and joy,
at one with all the Universe.

Inside you love lives, a constant flame to be fanned by trust and shared with all.
And it is there that healing is always happening.

Look and laugh and rejoice at your true nature, your real self. 
Then own your truth.
Be grateful for your sweet essence and your holy presence
and your truth will set you free.


  1. Really nice, Sharie,
    Thank you ….I thought of you at bridge today. I tried to just get “guiet” in the big room with 13 tables of people playing….just heard faintly the low level of talk…and tried to think of everyone there as “one” ….or being of oneness. Not opponents…or enemies!!! Also that it was a game…altho a very serious one and taken seriously by most people there. Some more than others. And you know where I fit in there. We did very well….and I had a sense of that…altho I made a big mistake on the second hand…which upset me…but kept on going. I knew we had plenty of time to make up for that bad hand. We did…and I felt good about it. Soooooo……not sure what I’m saying here.
    Maybe as I settle down a little, this will fall into place.
    One thing I noticed…I was so tired at the end….more than I ever have been it seems. Room was too warm…and we played 3 solid hours. Still feel that tired feeling…..funny.
    Love you loads,

    • Pat Dear, I think you’re tiredness comes more from fighting your ego than from playing cards. Remember, seriousness is only a perception, not the Truth. Ask yourself this question in any situation you are in, “Would God think this is serious?” Of course you know the answer is always, “No, thank God!.”

      You did a beautiful job of letting your intentions be of Oneness. You let go of the idea of enemies or opponents and chose Oneness. The important thing is that you chose it. That doesn’t always mean you’re going to see immediate results of peace. Ego comes and goes. Nor does it mean you’re always going to win the game. But it does mean that you have taken a giant step in the direction of Love and that will always serve you well, whether you are able to “see” it in that moment or not. Now comes trust or faith. Because you extended your loving intention, God blessed you and everyone there. You can trust in that.

      There is one brother who always beats me at Scrabble and often he slaughters me. At first I fought to get on top where I thought I belonged and then finally I simply accepted that it’s the way it is. Now it’s fun. Don’t get me wrong, I try best, but with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Now, I believe I’m not there to win, but just to join with him in spirit and maybe give him a little run for his money. Love you, Sharie

  2. Do need my truth to set me free…do need to acknowledge my truth….do need to stop feeling like I don’t deserve to feel like I did in Dec and Jan. Its like…I let it go and I’m punishing myself again. Must go say “Thank you, God” one more time….
    Love to you, Sharie,

    • Sweet Pat, the Course teaches us the answer is simple, but because we are so invested in our ego thinking, it isn’t easy. Just take it a moment at a time. Remember our prayer, “God is the Love with which I experience this moment.” And from the Course, “God is the strength in which I trust.” That lifts the burden from our shoulders and gives it to Him Who has all the answers. Love you, Sharie

  3. Thanks, Sharie….will do. Still the issue of forgiveness….really came out today.
    Love to you,

    • That’s what today is for. Issues of forgiveness. Without those issues, we will never learn and grow and be free. Love you Dear. Have a beautiful day! Love, Sharie

  4. Good day today..forgiveness is coming to me . I thank God!
    and you, Ed and all angels of God!
    Love you,
    Sis, Pat

    • Pat Dear, I rejoice and celebrate with you each forgiving moment that you experience. Each one is a step toward the eternal happiness you seek. And in your joy, I join you and now the forgiveness and the healing is even more powerful for both of us. Love you, Sharie

      • Thank you for those meaningful words, Sharie.
        I go to sleep now with your thoughts to me and ….” I rest in God”, lesson 109 that Beverly suggested again to me.
        It is sinking in…..
        Love you!

  5. I love the lesson, I rest in God. Do you have Beverly and Steven Halpern’s CD’s. Almost every night I go to sleep to their CD, LOOKING WITHIN and I meditate almost daily to A TOUCH OF HEAVEN. I find these to be great reminders of my truth and very comforting when I forget who I am. Or I just use them to keep me centered. I have all their CD’s and I love them all, but these two particularly resonate with me. Have a beautiful day. And keep on letting it sink in! Love you, Sharie

  6. thanks for the idea. I think might have the Looking Within cd. will check!
    Love you!
    Sis, Pat

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