Posted by: spiritteacher | September 29, 2011


“I will allow myself to breathe today.”

Whenever you want to enter that peaceful state that lives inside your mind and quietly waits for your awareness, simply become conscious of your breathing. Focus on your in breath and your out breath calmly and with intention. Allow your breath its natural rhythm and just watch it as a quiet observer. Let a gentle smile form around your heart and then breathe.  Length of time is not as important as frequency.  Even a moment here and there, or once an hour or just twice a day is helpful.  Whenever you feel anxious or your peace is disturbed in any way, you can breathe your way back to a calm and quiet state.

Every mindful moment holds more value in it than all the busyness we feel is so important. Let us allow this to become part of the pattern of our life like sleeping or waking, showering or brushing our teeth. It is easy and simple and will change our life as we become more aware of the spaces between the noisy activity of our daily doings. We can do this in the car, watching TV, sitting at our desk, washing dishes. Anytime and anywhere. In the mindful moment is all of Heaven and is where we will find God. And as we do this with greater frequency and attention all the other things we think are so important will be accomplished without stress or concern.  Time and space will expand all on their own and fear and darkness will disappear into the nothingness from which they came. And all that will be left is our Holy and beloved Truth. 


  1. Dear Sharie,
    Wonderful message. I did it ….right here at the computer….feeling a little bit stressed with a couple “things of the world” (At least I am recognizing it!!)
    Thank you….It works….it really does!
    Love you,
    Sister Pat

    • Bless you Pat. Isn’t it simple just to breathe with conscious intention mindfully? Mindfully means in awareness. Being aware of the calm and quiet breathing that is so healing. Add a gentle smile and all our cares just disappear. Thank you for joining me in this. Love, Sharie

  2. I needed this today.

    • So grateful that you found what you needed here today. But not surprised. We are always led to where we need to be for our healing. Thank you for joining me and all those who journey with me on this site. I welcome you with open arms and open heart. Peace, Sharie

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