Posted by: spiritteacher | September 27, 2011


“I will not see myself or anyone as guilty today.”

God never sees us as guilty because we have made a mistake. He only sees our Truth and is there to help us lift our mistaken thoughts from our mind while He offers us the opportunity to see the Love that belongs to us and the happiness and joy that are His eternal and unchanging gifts to us.

Everything, no matter how tragic or dramatic it looks is always an opportunity for God’s Love and healing. We only need to ask God, “Let me see this through Your eyes.” And then be still and listen in silence and wait patiently for Him to show us what is Real and what isn’t. We will be amazed at how the “terrible” things seem to just fall away and disappear in the face of the Love and Light of God. And even when those terrible things appear to continue, by letting ourselves see the world through God’s Holy vision, we can now be instruments of peace and joy for ourselves and others.

There is nothing that can be done in the world to make any kind of permanent change here. That kind of change must come from within by letting God work through us. By allowing Him to guide us in everything we think and do and say. God is the only Change that can make permanent corrections to the insanity of a world made from fear. Isn’t it only common sense that darkness disappears in Light? Let’s open our minds and hearts and be the Light that shines all fear away. Let’s walk together in God’s Light and be the channel to another way; for a better world of Love and Holy Happiness for all.

God will remove the blocks to our peace one by one if we just offer them to Him. If we simply trust that we are happy deep within us where our Holiness has never changed. In that place where our Light cannot be extinguished because it comes from God and not from us at all. Happiness is not in the noise and distractions of this insane world, but in the stillness and the quiet knowing that in God are all our problems solved. In Him, all is well and our happiness is guaranteed.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are already happy, whole and healed and all cause for fear and suffering is gone.


  1. Thanks, Sharie, that was beautiful and right on target for me today! I love your website!

    • Tracey, my beloved sister! Thank you for joining with me. And thank you for your kind words. I love you Dear Heart and am so grateful for all your kindness and your wisdom that has helped me so much. You have lessons as we all do and you are learning and sharing them with grace and love. Love you, Sharie

  2. wonderful spirit sharie. in reality its very tough to follow but we should for the sake of our own happiness, if not the happiness of others.

    but sometimes this mindset makes us unprepared for the ugly world that is waiting for us outside.

    its from experience, personal.

    • Dearest Sharmishtha, I know that letting go of guilt, ours and others, is not an easy task. And you’re right it can bring up things we may not want to face. But sometimes when we just stand tall and strong and look at the ugly world with God’s hand in ours, we can see things just a little differently. That may not fix things in the way we want exactly, but I do believe it makes life a little easier. Guilt is such a trap and a painful prison that for me it’s worth it to ask God to help me see all things through His eyes. It’s my way to survive here in this crazy world. Love you, Sharie

  3. Thanks for the message! Been working some in the book…and just getting quiet this morning…after a brisk walk in the heat and humidity. Reading your message again….trusting in God for me now, is the goal…
    Love you!

    • Pat, my dear sister, you are growing and learning by leaps and bounds. You are an inspiration to me because I know things have not been easy for you for quite some time. Although, I do feel your spirit lifting more and more every day. It doesn’t mean you won’t back slide now and then. We all do. But we can never go back to where we were before the Course. It’s too late and we know too much. Thank God!!! Love you, Sis Sharie

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