Posted by: spiritteacher | September 26, 2011


“Today I will listen before I speak.”

In many situations in which we communicate with others we barely listen. Instead we let our feelings rule the moment and then we react as quickly as a snake’s tongue flicks. And because we are reacting from the fear-filled ego instead of our loving spirit place, we often aggravate a sensitive situation instead of correcting it.

We are asked to judge no one and nothing, not just because it is an unkind thing to do, but because we are incapable of judging anyone with any full or clear understanding. We simply don’t know enough. “Only God knows all about all.” Understanding this principle is very important to healing our relationships.

So when a touchy situation arises instead of instantly reacting, let’s take a moment to go inward and ask, “What do I do here? What do I say?” Now we can rest lightly in the understanding that God and His Divine Universe will guide us in all things if we let Them. There is no need for an instant reaction to anyone. In God’s timelessness there is always time.

As we step back, God steps forward. He will always tells us what to think and do and say in every moment.  Many times His advice will be, “Say nothing, but say it with Love. “

May healing be the order of the day today as we let God’s Loving Judgment speak before our own.



  1. Wonderful message, Sharie!! I think I am learning this one! Speaking of other people, at least. Maybe not always about myself….that I have a harder time with. I really need to let myself “off the hook”,……somehow!
    Love you!

    • You’re absolutely right Pat Dear. We need to listen and not judge ourselves as well. Just as God will tell us what to do in our relationships with others, so also will He help us in our relationship with ourselves. Love you, Sharie

  2. golden words of wisdom. i am the listener type, listener without judging, i prefer keeping my mouth shut 🙂

    • Your listening spirit is your wise woman self. When we keep our mouths shut, we never say the wrong things!!! And listening without judgment is what it’s all about Dear Sharmishtha. Love you, Sharie

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