Posted by: spiritteacher | September 22, 2011


“I will breathe in the light of my own perfection today.”

Breathe  in the light of your own perfection.
Breathe in the beauty of your sweet spirit.
Breathe in the truth that lives inside you.
Breathe in this moment and keep it with you always,
knowing NOW is all there is.

As we rest within our self and surrender to the Universe all that we do not want, a flood of peace flows over us and we know somehow we are at home right here where we belong. It makes us smile. And we walk the world with quiet grace, safe and free in our own light. And everyone around us shines their light with ours. And all the world reflects our light and there is nothing else. Joy. Love. Peace. Stillness. Life is simple now with you and me in total recognition of each other. Joined at our heart place. Our spirits walking hand in hand. Angels are our company. God is our strength.

All anger, anxiety and fear has left our minds and heart.
Now we can breath easy and know that all is well …


  1. So beautiful, Sharie. Thank you. I am willing to do this. I hope I can!
    Many thanks……shall read it again when I get back home.
    Love you!!!

    • Of course you can, Pat Dear. Just breathe. Breathe easy and let it flow. I e-mailed you. Love you, Sharie

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