Posted by: spiritteacher | September 21, 2011


“I will see only my happiness and joy today.”

If we ask ourselves what do we really want, what would our answer be?  Happiness? Peace of mind? Plain and simple joy?

Aren’t we searching for happiness in every relationship? In everything we do? In everything we acquire in the world? In every form of entertainment we give ourselves? Isn’t that why we take vacations? Overeat? Smoke and drink? Work and play too hard? And all the other things we obsess over? Isn’t that why we go to war? To fight for the freedom that will bring us happiness? Isn’t that why we revel in TV shows, movies and books where good appears to conquer evil, often with lots of noise and violence? Have we not convinced ourselves that happiness must be fought for and won somehow? Or acquired through some means outside of us? Consciously or unconsciously we believe that all these things will fill that void inside; that empty place where something is missing. Our peace is missing, our joy, our happiness. Or so we think.

Can it really be necessary to fight for or to want what is already ours? “Our happiness is guaranteed by God.” A Course In Miracles 

God is all there is and God is our happiness. We just have to remove whatever is blocking us from seeing what is already there. We get glimpses now and then, but then we close our eyes again and go back into dark dreams of fear and pain. Those glimpses of joy that flash before us are our Holy truth trying to shine through. The only thing that stops us from having it all the time is our distrust in what is real.  And our inability to believe that we deserve what is our God given right.

The good news is that lack of trust in God and not believing we deserve His Happiness and Love does not change the Truth in any way. We cannot change God or alter His Love for us by refusing to accept our holiness. It is our decision to not trust in our reality or our worthiness that causes all our pain and sickness and suffering.  And as real as the mistaken world looks and feels and as much pain as it causes us and others, it is just a mist before our eyes. The world we choose to see has no power before the Light of God and the Truth of what we really are. 

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