Posted by: spiritteacher | September 20, 2011


“I will see myself and others as the light of the world today.”

“We are the light of the world” And as the light of the world we are governed only by the laws of God. As we allow our light to join with all other lights, we breathe easy and our hearts and minds grow quiet. In this light we see that we are healed and whole. In this light we are rested and refreshed. In this light peace and calm fill our beings and rule our experiences. Our eyes, the window to our souls, are soft and gentle. Our smiles are blessings that lift our spirits and spread love wherever we go and upon all who come into our line of vision. And now we see the world as blessed. And we breathe in this simple pray, “God is the Love with which I experience this moment.” And all is clear. In God we are safe and well and perfect and beautiful. God is all that is real and the world has become a  reflection of His Truth. Our hearts fill with gratitude. And when fear comes we know one thing for sure. It isn’t love and so it isn’t real. And we let it go. And all that remains is pure joy. We laugh out loud in joyous recognition of our truth. As God hears our laughter, He hears it as a grateful prayer.

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