Posted by: spiritteacher | September 11, 2011


Let us join together and fill our hearts with love and send healing thoughts to all the victims and the families of September 11. In this way, by holding them in God’s loving light, we can continually be helpful. God’s healing happens in and beyond the world we see.  Nothing can stop it, not even death.

History clearly shows us that surrounding every tragedy lays the opportunity to turn fear into forgiveness and harm into healing. Many miracles arise from horrendous situations.  Even as we bless and remember the victims and their families, let us also remember the miracles of joining, the heroes of healing, the kindred spirits of kind acts, the millions of prayers that circled the globe and brought the world closer.

God does not cause or allow disasters to happen, but when they do, He holds out His hands and lifts us to His Heart and rocks us and comforts us and whispers softly in our ear, “I’m here, Dear One.  I’m always here.”  And then He gently guides us to the safety of His Kingdom which exists right now beside our world filled with fear.  Let’s take this fearful place we made and the catastrophes that happen here and transform them into Love by allowing God’s perfect laws to govern our thoughts, our hearts and our world from this moment on. It all happens inside the calm and quiet mind that is open to another, better way. 

Let the deaths of those who left us on September 11 serve a loving purpose for us personally. As we think of them, let’s consciously remove all thoughts of hate and fear, of irritation and all judgment from our minds and begin by seeing everyone in our life through the eyes of Love.  Let’s look upon each other with a gentle vision and remember all that we love about our families and our friends. Let’s smile at our neighbors and the strangers on the street. Let’s bless he who cuts us off in traffic and she whom we find annoying knowing that their words and actions are not them. Let’s bless ourselves with patience and with kindness born of Love. 

Let’s be instruments of peace and God’s helpers in the healing of the world. Now are we serving from a higher place as we remember that to be truly helpful we must give this day to God and see and do and be as He created us, His glorious Creations. And as we serve Him in this way, let us remember that it is through our loving thoughts that we are helping Him to transform a place of fear into a place where we can live in peace and our children can be safe. Amen


  1. Really nice, Sharie, Glad you wrote today. We are watching and remembering. Still unbelievable, yet very real.
    We are the instruments of peace and must remember that.
    Thank you!!
    Love to you,

    • Pat Dear, let’s remember the love and surrender the tragedy to the One who knows all about all and heals all things for us. Love you, Sharie

  2. May we human beings start to love each other more and be respectful toward each other’s belief and faith.

    • Amen! Love you, Trisha Dear. Sharie

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