Posted by: spiritteacher | September 8, 2011


“Today I will be quietly grateful for everything.”

Let’s make today a day of quiet gratitude. Let’s be thankful for those things that we can see and for those things we can’t.  Let’s be thankful for the quiet opportunities for going inward and remembering the ancient truth of who we are.  Let’s be thankful for the noisy joy all around us. Let’s be thankful for the children whose honesty and innocence are also ours beneath the thoughts of cynicism and mistrust that lay upon the surface of our minds. Let’s be thankful for the storms that challenge us and teach us and strengthen us. Let’s be thankful for the miracles of love that shine around us. Even when we’re blind to them they never leave us being ceaseless and unchanging. Like a star that shines endlessly upon us, goes wherever we go and always lights our way. Even if a cloud passes over, the star is still there. 

Let’s be thankful for God’s eternal power that far surpasses anything this world can offer. Let’s watch as His perfect Presence rolls away each boulder in our path and smoothes out every wrinkle we think is a problem made to disturb our peace.

It’s time to see everything as a gift from God. Let’s thank Him for all the beauty, the miracles, the opportunities and the people in our lives. His loving gifts are ours to be received and then shared whenever we remember to set aside our own small thinking and trust in Him to be our Guide upon this holy journey that knows no limits, no beginning and no end. It just continues on forever in happy joy and in deep and perfect peace.

May you walk in gratitude today knowing you have been blessed by God in every way.


  1. Dear Sharie,
    Wonderful message. Shall do it!
    Love you,

    • You’re a gift to me, Pat Dear. And I am grateful for you. Love you, Sharie

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