Posted by: spiritteacher | June 1, 2011


“I will react to all things with Love today.”

Let’s stop a moment and watch ourselves closely. Let’s listen to our words and pay attention to our actions and our tone of voice. Let’s look closely at our feelings. This is not something most of us normally do. Perhaps it’s time.

How often are we kind to a stranger?  Are we open minded and compassionate to someone who is in trouble?  How many times do we smile and bless the person who cuts us off in traffic or pushes ahead in line at the grocery store?  How patient are we when someone lashes out at us because they are stressed or frightened? How often do we ask ourselves, “I wonder what so and so is going through that made him/her so mean to me?” Have we ever not taken it personally when someone has been unkind to us? Is it possible there is another way to see our dictatorial boss? Our annoying co-worker?  Our angry spouse?  Our abusive parent? Our competitive sibling? Why does the bully on the playground bully? What pain is the teen-ager masking with alcohol and drugs?

And now let’s look at us. How do we react when we are stressed or hurting? Why do we push someone else’s buttons when we’re tired or angry? Do we remember to apologize? Do we have a clue that maybe our unhappiness is caused by how we choose to feel? Or do we just continue to project our pain on someone else, believing that the way we are feeling is all their fault?

What is the cure?  How can we be instruments of healing for the suffering souls; our own as well as others? Can we ever look kindly upon the wounded spirits who act outrageously from their own excruciating pain? This does not mean condoning dangerous behavior or saying that abuse or violence is okay. In fact, what we’re talking about here has nothing to do with the other person at all. It’s all about ourselves.

Our power is in understanding that it isn’t what happens in the world that disturbs our peace, it’s how we choose to react to it.  We can react in fear or we can react in Love.  Which reaction would really be most helpful?

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