Posted by: spiritteacher | May 3, 2011


“I will let Love lead the way today.”

Do we want peace? Really want it? Do we want joy? Really want it? Do we want safety and health and abundance?  Really want them? These are already our gifts from God. The only reason we don’t experience them all the time is because we have focused our minds on other things.  We are so afraid of what is going on in the world, in our lives, in our families and in our own minds that we have forgotten to hear the truth. We have forgotten our own Self; the Self with a capital S that God created.

If we perceive someone or something as attacking us or hurting the world, instead of instantly attacking back or immediately rising to defend, let’s just for an instant quietly look and ask God, “What is this for?”  And then “Please help me to see this through Your eyes.”  The act of being quiet allows God into the moment. God in the moment lets us hear His answer and see His solution.  And now we can act with the power of the Divine Universe behind us.

Would we not prefer to have God showing us the proper and permanent corrections?  Would we not want to experience the relief of not having to “fix” things on our own? 

We have been trying to fix things on our own since the beginning of time. We can’t do it on our own.  It’s as simple as that. And if we look around at today’s world and remember history we can see how true this is. Sometimes we claim something in our lives is God’s will, but since God is only Love if we aren’t feeling loving and the result isn’t perfect Oneness then it isn’t God.

Why not try forgetting about our way and asking Him to do it His way? What harm can there be in letting Love lead the way?  For a change.

At the beginning of each daily message is a one sentence affirmation that can be used as a prayer of comfort and reassurance. We can use this affirmation to train our minds to be more loving and forgiving as we go about our day. Whenever peace alludes us, we can allow this simple affirmation to gently bring us back to peace.  With practice, our loving muscle will be strengthened and our forgiving thoughts will more and more easily replace fear-filled thoughts of doubt, guilt, anger and sadness. In this way we can train our minds to place our trust in God for our healing and the world’s.


  1. i agree with you heart and soul. this is the reason sages can find them so easily, they know where to concentrate.

    lots of love.

    • You’re so right, Dear Trisha. Love, Sharie

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