Posted by: spiritteacher | March 23, 2011


“My purpose is peace.”

If someone pushes our buttons. Instead of letting the angry or hurt feelings get the best of us, we can look at the feelings being engendered by this interchange and say, “I’m not feeling at peace about this.  Clearly this is something I need to learn from.”  In this way instead of being a victim of someone else, we are empowering ourselves by choosing to use the experience for something positive.

Now, we can go into our breathing relaxation place and be thankful for the understanding that we have a purpose that lies beyond the petty nonsense of the world.  Our purpose is peace.  Our purpose is forgiveness. Our purpose is to know that we and all God’s children are here to allow ourselves to be healed. And in so doing we are instrumental in the world’s healing as well. This is the bigger picture.


  1. this is beautiful sharie- i will sure try to adapt it.

    • Trisha Dear, it makes no sense to give our power away by getting upset, when we can simply use each experience as a stepping stone to heaven right here on earth. Then instead of seeing others as our enemies, we can see them as our teachers. Those who push our buttons the hardest are our greatest teachers. Love, Sharie

  2. its a very beautiful and tempting way to look at negative emotions- if we keep trying sooner or later we will succeed.

    • Absolutely! Thank you for knowing this, Trisha Dear. Love you, Sharie

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