Posted by: spiritteacher | March 14, 2011


“I am breathing in; I am breathing out.”

The great Vietnamese Spiritual Teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, teaches a simple exercise called Mindful Breathing, which is a form of meditation that is simple, yet powerful.  He says to simply identify the in-breath as in-breath and the out-breath as out-breath.  When we breathe in watch our breath and acknowledge it as our in-breath. This is me breathing in.  And when we breathe out acknowledge that as our out breath. This is me breathing out.

Let all thoughts go.  Only quietly breathe. This is me breathing in. This is me breathing out. The beauty of this simple meditation is that we can do it sitting, lying down, walking, driving, doing dishes, shoveling snow, walking on the treadmill, at work, at home, at play.  In this way our entire life is a mindful meditation.  Instead of being fearful about the past, or anxious about the future, we are living entirely in the moment. 

In this way we are allowing healing to enter our mind and be our gift from God in each and every moment of the day.


  1. once again i agree sharie, i cant do it successfully all the time,but it often works.

    lots of love.

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