Posted by: spiritteacher | March 7, 2011


“I am willing to see myself differently.” 

There are two ways to see ourselves. There is our perception of us and there is the truth of us.  No one’s perception is the same as their reality. Perception is of the world; Reality is of God. For some people perception and Reality are so far apart that it’s difficult to align them. When we don’t value ourselves, we draw to ourselves experiences that will affirm our feelings of victimhood and self denial.

Consciously or unconsciously we have taught ourselves to believe we don’t deserve the good things in life. Or we are afraid to fail and if we do fail at something, (and everybody does) we think that the failure defines us instead of just being a part of life that everyone experiences. What we see as failure is really an opportunity to learn and to grow stronger.

Humility can be a good attribute, but if it is experienced to the extreme it becomes a form of self abasement. All we need to do for now is be willing to open our mind a crack and ask this question, Is it possible I am stronger and smarter, more capable and more deserving than I think?  Let’s repeat this affirmation.  “I am willing to see myself differently.”  Every change if it is to be effective and permanent must begin in our mind.


  1. i agree with every thing you said here. your posts can bring out the very best from anyone.

    lots of love.

    • Dear Trisha, may you shine always in the glory of your own Truth, knowing you are nothing less than God’s glorious creation, and nothing else. Love, Sharie

      P.S. Please send me the link to your new blog site. I’ve lost track of it and would like to write it down. Thank you, Dear.

  2. Thank you for sending your new blog link. I went to support and was able to get my blog roll back. We go back and forth in forgetting God’s light and then remembering. Our rememberance is a muscle we must exercise every day and every moment. That’s the only way to strengthen it. Love you Dear. Sharie

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