Posted by: spiritteacher | March 2, 2011


“I am ready to see this differently.”

We all have the power to be happy, confident and successful. What stops us isn’t what we do in the world as much as what we think.  In order to change our experience we have to start by changing our thoughts.  We all can change our minds about the world and ourselves and the people in our lives.  It’s about seeing differently and that requires one thing, willingness.  The first step is to simply open our minds just a fraction and say to ourselves, “I am willing to see this differently.”

Whenever anyone or anything bothers us in any way, we can empower ourselves with these words, “I want to see this differently.” We needn’t worry if we don’t see anything differently right away.  It’s not about that.  It’s about being willing to see differently with the key word being WILLING.  Those words and that simple thought will open our mind to another way of thinking.  Let’s not worry about what we should be thinking. That will fall into place naturally once we have begun to realize that the power for a new and better life is already ours.  We just need to be willing to open our mind to the fact that there is another way of seeing in the world.  Most of us stay stuck because we don’t understand that we have choices. We all have choices.

So let’s take the first step together, “I want to see this differently.”  Now we have stepped back and allowed God to lead the way.


  1. I can feel the wisdom in the words, its really true, it depends a lot on our way of looking at things.

    lots of love.

    • All of our problems are in our mind and so are all the Answers. I know this is true and I work hard at keeping this consistently in the forefront of my mind. A Course In Miracles teaches, “My mind holds only what I think with God.” Not always easy to do, but absolutely necessary if I want to be at peace. Love, Sharie

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