Posted by: spiritteacher | February 2, 2011


“I want the peace of God instead of this.” A Course In Miracles

A little more discussion about miracles today.  A Course In Miracles teaches that anything that comes from love is a miracle.  Forgiveness comes from love.  Kindness comes from love.  Patience, empathy and joy come from love. Simply suspending judgment and surrendering everything that blocks our peace is done in love.  So if we can’t forgive or be kind and patient or empathetic or joyous in a given moment, we can at least suspend judgment and surrender.  We can at least decide that we don’t like this feeling, show me something else. 

We make choices constantly as we go about our day. We choose when buying shoes or testing mangos or meals on a menu. Why not choose to live a better life?  Let’s shop for happier thoughts. It’s the same principle. And it’s all about our willingness, and it begins with a simple decision; “I want the peace of God instead of this.”

Unlike choosing a pair of shoes or testing a mango, the results of choosing peace may not be apparent instantly.  That’s when we need to remember we have chosen fear as our guide for a very long time.  And that energy may reverberate for a while.  But that’s no excuse to give up and that is no reason to believe in it.  Simply look at it, smile at ego’s nonsense and try again. 

Each moment is an opportunity to smile and choose peace.  “I want the peace of God instead of this.”  As with any exercise it gets easier over time.


  1. your words are so wise and beautiful. i will admit, that i cant always forgive, and i admit this incapability. but i do what you said- i leave it to God’s hand and try to forget it, try to stop throwing sticks in that anger.

    • Trisha Dear, no one can always forgive. And we aren’t meant to do it alone. Simply being willing to suspend judgment is all that God asks of us. A Course In Miracles talks about “a little willingness.” A little willingness opens the channel for God to come in and do His job. And no more is expected of us than that. Your analogy of throwing sticks into the anger makes me think of throwing sticks into a fire. The fire being anger of course. If we refuse to throw the sticks, the fire can’t grow bigger. I will use that in a future message. Thank you for the inspiration. Love you, Sharie

      • I learn so much from you, your posts are balm to my mind and soul. Thanks for agreeing with me (which very rare people do) that its not possible to forgive always. but we should not let bitter fire or hatred/anger engulf our souls by constantly thinking about it. in place of that we should let God in and do the necessary.

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