Posted by: spiritteacher | January 19, 2011


A Course In Miracles teaches that it is through our relationships we will be healed.  The importance of this is undeniable. For when we have allowed healing in our relationships we have done everything to also allow our own healing. Once we begin to see the truth; that there are only those who are crying out for love or those who are extending or allowing love to flow through us, a treasure trove of miracles will open for us. This fact may be clear to us in some relationships and circumstances, but now we need to understand that there are no exceptions.  This is how it is with everyone in our lives, those passing through and those long term.

To call or cry out for love means that deep within us, we believe that God’s Love is being denied us and we react to this with fear, sadness, anger and even violence. It’s not surprising since it is certainly a terrifying thought to be alone and without love. To extend Love means that we understand that God’s Love cannot be missing for it is always and forever within us just quietly awaiting our acceptance.  God is Love and God is all there is.  We cannot be unhappy, angry, sad or fearful in any form when we truly understand this. And so now we can offer (or extend) kindness, compassion, empathy and forgiveness to our brothers and sisters.



  1. this is very beautiful sharie. its true when we realize god’s ever loving presence in our hearts that love spills out for others.

    • The healing light of God’s Love is everywhere. We just have to choose to see it with the inner eye. Together we can do this for the world. Take my hand Dear Trisha. We’re on a holy journey now. Love you, S

      • Thanks for holding my hand in this journey of light and love.
        lots of love.

  2. And thank you for holding mine, Dear sister. A Course in Miracles teaches there are no accidents in relationships and I so believe that. Love you, Sharie

    • Thanks for your love. Its a blessing to be loved by an angel.

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