Posted by: spiritteacher | December 30, 2010


The next few days we will focus on habits and resolutions for the new year.  Let’s begin with I resolve to love myself today. I resolve to see, not my problems, but my perfection.  I resolve to not rest in my dark thoughts, but to bring them to the light, smile at them and let them go.

What truly needs to be healed is what we think and how we value ourselves.  When we finally understand this and choose to live our lives this way we will begin to find balance with what is out of synch within us and our “bad” habits one by one will fade away.  And as they do we will recognize that what we thought was bad was really just an opportunity to forgive and heal.


  1. very beautiful and soothing words. It did cheered me up amply, was grumbling a little just a minute ago, my tiny kitten broke half a dozen eggs 🙂

    I will have to find a better place to keep them from now on.

    • Happy New Year, Trisha Dear. May your next year be filled with calm and quiet healing and lots of noisy joy. We love cats and your story of your kitten breaking the eggs made me smile. We have one old cat left of three. We lost two from old age last year, but Missy still is healthy and active. Even though the vet says she is blind, we can’t tell. She gets around perfectly. My husband and I will always have a cat in our lives. They’re such good company and easy to care for. Have a wonderful day. Love, Sharie

      • I never had a cat before pixie, the first one, he has gone wild these days but i have two tiny ones near me. one of them did the naughty thing that night poor little thing. 🙂

  2. happy new year! Wish you a splendid year ahead and years to come. Full of love, peace and happiness.

  3. Dearest Trisha, I wish you a happy new year experienced moment by moment. Love, Sharie

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