Posted by: spiritteacher | May 27, 2010


What is Truth? True Truth? Perhaps it is beyond what we can experience here in this world. Maybe we can get a glimmer if we envision it as light. In this light there is a dawning; the beginning of an understanding that there is Something else. Something that we knew once and have forgotten. And though we have forgotten it, still this Truth remains constant and eternal and ours. Our goal. Or beyond goals.  A state of being perhaps. A state of oneness. Oneness with God and with each other.

Is it like light?
In the world light changes, but in Truth it remains always and forever the same.
Is it like Love? 
In the world love changes, but in Truth it remains always and forever the same.

In our separated state we miss it. Because we know something is missing we get depressed and sad and anxious. Because we feel an emptiness from lack, we feel afraid. Right now we only know Truth as something that is missing.

If we were there, we would see Truth can only be shared and yet it must go beyond this. Sharing implies that something can be withheld. The Truth cannot be withheld because it is imbedded in us. It is us. It comes from God. It is God.

I think it’s impossible to find the words because Truth goes beyond words. It goes beyond all thought. It simply is and then we stop because there is no more.  Once we have experienced Truth, we will be done. When we have reached this pinnacle, we will be Home. Home where we belong. Home in Truth.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

Inspired by Karen’s Dream


  1. Truth is True is beautiful. I am honored that you were inspired by my dream. Giving and receiving are the same in Truth. Thank you. Love, Karen

    • You always inspire me, Dear One. And I thank you for the giving and receiving process between us. Isn’t it miraculous? Love, S

  2. I loved this.

    • Thank you, Annie Dear. I hope all is well with you. E-mail me if you need to talk. Love, Sharie

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