Posted by: spiritteacher | May 14, 2010


“I am entitled to miracles.” ACIM

We are all entitled to miracles.  But what are miracles? Instantaneous and unexplainable healings of the body? Surviving a car crash unscathed? Falling from a four story building without a scratch?  Perhaps. I have learned from my years of spiritual Course studies that anything that comes from love is a miracle.  So simple.  So ordinary. So every day.

A phone call from a grandchild. A neighbor offering a hand. A volunteer reading to an elderly person. A lullaby sung to a small child. Running errands for a sick friend. A ride in the rain. Sunscreen at the beach.

There are miracles in smiles. A mother’s smile. A father’s smile. A wife’s smile. A husband’s smile. A friend’s smile. Any smile from any loved one. A smile to a stranger or from a stranger. Not seeing a stranger as a stranger. A hug for someone grieving. A wounded spirit calling out for help. An unexplainable feeling of joy and well being out of nowhere.

Ordinary things: Breakfast on the table. Flowers on the breakfast table. A drinkable glass of water from the tap. Clean dishes. Hummingbirds at the feeder.  A cat on a lap.  A happy dog begging for a walk. A bad day turned around by a sympathetic listening ear. Knowing the sun will always shine again.  

You get the idea.  So let’s walk the world to day watching for those small and ordinary miracles as well as those dramatic and amazing ones that make up this journey we call life. They’re everywhere. Some are noisily joyous and some so infinitesimal and quiet we don’t even recognize them as miracles. Some even look like tragedies. In every war and in every earthly devastation, even in sickness and in death, lovely little miracles are blooming. The lesson is not in the devastation, the lesson is in the love that brings connection and oneness and miracles. Love will bloom, light will shine and healing will happen wherever God’s children walk because they walk with Him. And because of Him we are all entitled to miracles. Remember, everything that comes from love is a miracle.

Oh and one more thing; you are a miracle because you come from Love.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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