Posted by: spiritteacher | May 11, 2010


“I am not the victim of the world I see.”  ACIM

We are walking through a tunnel, narrow and dark and all we see.  We reach out and touch the sides of the tunnel. It feels cold and damp and solid. It smells dank and musty. We can’t see through it or around it, above it or below it. It seems impossible that this tunnel isn’t real.  And yet something in our heart says it isn’t as solid as it seems.  We want to believe that.  The instant we say, “I want to believe that this tunnel is just in my mind,” a faint light appears way down at the end. It’s just a glimmer and a faltering one at that. As we peer intently toward it, we decide the light must be our imagination. How can it magically appear just because we had a thought that the tunnel might not be real?  The world doesn’t work that way.  If something is, it is and just thinking differently about it can’t change it.  Can it?

We keep walking, our heart pounding because it’s scary not being able to see through the darkness on all sides of us. Steadfastly, we walk toward that distant light just in case it’s something. Anyway, it’s  pointless to stand still. As we keep focused on the light, it appears to get brighter. Is it our imagination or is the tunnel becoming less dense, less solid? Our hearts begin to lift and hope rises within us.  What if … ?  What if this tunnel is not our reality, but only a symbol of our past thinking; past thinking that we have outgrown? Where are these thoughts coming from?

As we continue on, our steps becoming quicker and stronger. Our heads lift, our shoulders go back as hope gets stronger. We begin to feel a presence beside us. “Who is here?” we ask. We’re afraid to look. And then we hear a whisper of sound in our ear. At first we don’t understand and then as we strain to hear, it becomes more clear.  “You are safe.”  Startled we turn our heads to look at what or who is speaking to us.  We can’t believe our eyes.  It’s an angel!  There is an angel walking right next to us.  We can see the outline of its flowing gown and hear the rustle of its wings. It takes our hand and instantly the tunnel disappears and we are enfolded in the most beautiful, loving, white light. The light shines around and through us as though we are not solid. A feeling of peace fills us and lifts us up. We are walking on air now, the angel still beside us. We remember that “walking on air” is an expression that means “feeling good”.  We smile at the symbolism.

We are in a meadow with flowers of every shade and type. In the distance, and all around us, we see tall trees ablaze with soft pink blossoms. Even from here we can smell their sweetness. There is a stream bubbling beside us. The angel invites us to take a sip of the cold, fresh water and we do.  As we drink, our thoughts clear and the last vestige of fear disappears like wisps of fog evaporating into nothing. We know this is in our mind just as the dark, dank tunnel was and yet we like this new world our happier thoughts have made.

A deep and all encompassing sense of understanding fills us with a new sense of certainty. The peace of truth, safety and well being rises within us and lifts us to new heights. We grow into hundreds and then thousands and yet somehow we are One. More angels join our friend until they surround us. There is music and dance. It is a celebration.

We know our days of tunnel vision are over.  We are no longer a victim of the world as we knew it.  Now we are a gift to the Truth. And the Truth is a gift to us. Fear has disappeared forever and in its place lives Love, pure and powerful and crystal clear. It’s amazing to finally get it; tunnel vision is a choice and so is the Love that heals it.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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