Posted by: spiritteacher | May 6, 2010


“Above all else I want to see. Vision has no cost to anyone. It can only bless.” ACIM

We speak of pursuing our spiritual path and seeking peace. Or we spend our time searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In truth there is nothing to pursue and nothing to seek. It’s about growing still and allowing ourselves to see that peace is already ours. And the pot of gold is not what we think it is.

If we open our inner eyes we will see clearly that our search is over. Peace is right here, right now. And there is a rainbow that lives in our hearts with its pot of gold intact. But the gold is not material. That gold is a state of never ending happiness.

In this physical world we can search forever for pots of gold and never find what we are looking for. It’s only in seeing the truth; that we already have everything we want, that we can smile with gratitude and great relief as every care is lovingly removed and we are left only with the joyous certainty that our true power, Love, is now governing our lives.

Our inner vision shows us the truth, that we have been healed; healed from the strange thinking that this ever changing world can give us anything but a few fleeting moments of pleasure always accompanied by a roller coaster of emotions. If we want anything constant and consistent we have to look, not outside ourselves, but within. We’ve heard this message again and again throughout our lives. God never stops speaking to His children. He never stops providing messengers to show us the way to Him. How many times do we have to hear the message before we will finally decide to believe and to trust, not in the changing world, but in the eternal truth of our own being.

It’s so simple. Every moment that we have a thought apart from Him or whenever we find the world distracting us or overwhelming us with its noisy demands, let’s say to ourselves, “God, I choose you.” and “Above all else I want to see.” These simple thoughts will quiet the anxiety and calm the stress we feel and in this calm and quiet state, we will finally see with our true vision; the vision that only blesses us and everyone else as well.

Now, let’s look with calm eyes upon a new world and rest quietly in the golden pot of truth. Isn’t it lovely here? And look we still have all our things. Only now they don’t seem to matter much except to teach us that in being truly peaceful, no sacrifice at all was required.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Just LOVE your website!!!

    Karyn –

  2. Absolutely love your website. Will continue to visit often! Thank you for sharing your gift!!!


    • Hello Karyn. Thank you for visiting me. Your presence here just made my day more beautiful! Love, Sharie

  3. I always love your writing spiritteacher. Thank you for yet another great post.


    • Namaste, Louis. My Spirit absolutely blesses your Spirit. Thank you for visiting me again. I love the miracles that shine on me when you come over. Have a beautiful day. You deserve it. Love, Sharie

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