Posted by: spiritteacher | April 22, 2010


S ilently we need to go within and rest our mind upon some new, yet old and timeless
T houghts. In this quiet place comes the understanding that the peace we seek lives just
I nside our heart. It gathers strength and offers its holy wisdom each time we choose to 
L ook where we have refused to look before. Our wonder and amazement grows as we
L isten to what we were too frightened and confused to hear because of the world’s distractions.
N ow we see only Love and hear only God’s sweet and simple blessings as He reminds us that
E ternal Oneness, our inheritance from Him, transforms our thoughts of chaos to thoughts of
S erenity, fulfillment, love, peace, comfort, joy and healing. In this ancient place within our mind
S tillness is our only truth. We smile as the light of our true being radiates throughout the world.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. “Stillness is our only truth.”
    I give thanks for your profound words.

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