Posted by: spiritteacher | January 14, 2010


When the world seems insane, it’s important for us to remain sane.  The disaster in Haiti reminds us that we are brothers and sisters in need of joining in love and prayers and in quiet listening for answers from God. Not just for the people in Haiti, but everywhere in the world where there is suffering and injustice. Let’s not join the world in its pain, but instead let’s lift everyone up to the miracles of God’s Love knowing that God does not cause disaster, but He and His Angels are there to comfort and heal. 

We can ask for guidance.  How can I help?  And then follow His guidance and open our minds and hearts to allow Love to be the connecting force for healing.  Help us to know that we are not our suffering, but His creations and nothing that happens here can change the truth or diminish our purpose.  Our purpose, as always, is to be an instrument of peace, a bringer of joy and to believe for those who cannot; that there is a power beyond disaster. And that power is Love.  Our purpose is to hold in our mind the truth and the light of each of God’s children and remember for them and for ourselves that beyond this world lies the true reality of our existence.  And that reality is Love.

Dear God, may everyone who is suffering see only your Light, rest in your Love and remember in their darkest hours that they are your Holy Creations. May every situation be a time for us to join with each other in Love and be a reminder that we are One. May we use each experience as an opportunity to suspend our beliefs and surrender our fears so that we can stay calm and quiet and bring peace and healing to the hearts of all who need to feel Your presence and experience your miracles.

Please guide us in how to be helpful. Please show us your laws governing this world transforming fear into love, disaster into relief and suffering into peace. Amen.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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