Posted by: spiritteacher | December 1, 2009


These five attributes live inside each one of us. It isn’t a matter of developing them or finding them or creating them. It’s simply a matter of uncovering them. Acknowledging them. Accepting them.

The Presence of Love. Happiness and Joy welling within us when we allow it.

The Energy of Love. Health and Well Being, a natural state of being that is our gift from God.

The Essence of Love. Harmlessness personified by kindness that flows constantly through us.

The Decision for Love. Helping others to find their inner flowers becomes our greatest joy.

The State of Love. Heaven is a state of mind and dwells within us right here, right now.

We may occasionally recognize these attributes in ourselves, but usually we let them pass by with little or no attention. What if we paid attention? What would we see? What would be our experience?

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Joy to you on this bright, cheerful day that you helped to bring about simply by blogging and sharing with all who read you.


    michael j, a seeker

  2. Your kind heart touches me, Michael. Thank you for your teachings as well. Hand in hand, all the teachers span the world and increase with each heart that opens to our loving messages. And in our teaching do we learn for there can be no teacher who is not a student first. A Course In Miracles says, “Teach what you would learn.” Peace to you and yours, Sharie

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