Posted by: spiritteacher | November 17, 2009


A friend invited me and several others to post an entry on her blog entitled, What I Would Tell My Children Before I Die.  My children are grown.  I wish I had been offered this challenge when they were small. But even though they are adults, I do have things to say to them. Below is an excerpt. 

For the full post go to This would be a great exercise for everyone.  Even if we don’t have children, we should take the time to think about what we would say to them if we did, because these are the same wisdoms we should offer everyone, including ourselves.  These are the loving thoughts that perhaps we wished our parents had gifted to us.  When we offer something loving to our children, and then extend it to the world great healing happens.  Think about a world where we love and accept and enjoy and forgive each other just as we do our children.  We allow the children to make mistakes.  We accept that the children have lessons to learn and we are willing teachers. We immediately want to console a crying child. Who doesn’t want to hug a child?  Try to see everyone as a child, including yourself and see if your perception of the world doesn’t change.

Excerpt What I Would Tell My Children Before I Die

I would tell my daughters that they are a gift; a gift to me, to each other and to the world.  And as a gift they have certain responsibilities. They have the responsibility to be happy and to share that happiness with each other and with everyone they encounter.  They have a responsibility to understand the power of their energy in the world.  When they are allowing peace and love into their lives, that peace and love flows through them and helps to heal everyone and everything.  Since peace and love and happiness is their natural state, not fear and anger and guilt, it’s quite a simple matter to remember that when they are in a state of mind other than love, they must simply, and as soon as they are able, choose again. 

I would tell my daughters that it isn’t so much what they do here, but what’s in their hearts when they do it.  And even if their intentions aren’t perfect, God’s love will make the necessary corrections and every blessing they have ever offered or tried to offer, perfect or imperfect, will be saved for them.

I would tell my daughters that they are not their bodies, but they have a responsibility to love and care for their bodies.  Their bodies serve a purpose in helping make the world a better place and their lives easier if they allow it.  They must enjoy their body and value it, not for its size or shape, but for its true design.  Their smile can express kindness and love.  Their voices can speak for those who can’t.  Their eyes can radiate joy. Their hands can offer help and hope. Their arms can hug a child. Their feet can take them wherever they are needed and wherever they need to be.  They should eat with healthy enjoyment.  They should exercise until it feels good. They should play with delight.  They should be grateful for their health. They should work with purpose and a sense of fun.  They should take the time to smell the lilacs, breathe in the beauty and feel the textures of life.  When they use their bodies in this way, they will always be beautiful.

I would tell my daughters to never forget their spirit.  Breathe. Pray.  Meditate. Live a joyful life in each moment.

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