Posted by: spiritteacher | November 3, 2009


“It is through our relationships we will be healed.”

Let us rest our mind lightly upon someone who consistently disturbs our peace. Then envision a light around them and see them, not as they appear in the world, but as they must be as a creation of a Loving God.  Let’s let go of all of our attachment to what they say and how they say it; to what they do and how they do it and simply let our heart open in gentle and forgiving kindness and hand them to God for healing. 

There are only extensions of love or calls for love.  Anyone who is unhappy and manifests unhappiness in the world is doing so because they don’t know they are entitled to miracles.  And if they did know, they would probably be afraid of what that means. Some are comfortable in the dark place in their minds. They may have lived in fear all their lives and it’s possible they have grown accustomed to that way of thinking. Unless we want to continue to join in the games of anger and resentment and judgment and revenge, of hurt and victimhood, we must be the one to change our mind. We must be the one who chooses to align with the power of Love and see a better way for ourselves and for all others in our lives. In the quietness of our mind we can believe for those choosing pain and fear, that they deserve better than what they are allowing in their lives. 

We can do this through prayer and through meditation. We can rise to a higher level and silently offer everyone in our life, the love for which they are calling.  No matter how miserable someone may appear, in their heart they desperately want to be told by a Loving Presence that they are wrong.  Wrong to think they are victims of an insane world.  Wrong to think they must attack before they are attacked.  Wrong to think they must protect themselves from their “enemies”.  And if we are the one living in fear, defensive and projecting anger, then we must take own hand, open our own heart and let the light of God’s love shine away all that disturbs us.  This can all be done without a word being spoken aloud, for ourselves and for everyone. If we are in a physically abusive relationship, we must always get ourselves into a safe place. From a place of safety, we can effectively do the work of allowing healing in.

It doesn’t matter if we see no difference in how someone behaves toward us for our efforts; it’s all about how we choose to react to that person.  We can simmer or fight back or we can quietly and kindly leave the dance floor and they may never know it.  But we will know it by the peace in our heart, by the love and joy we now manifest in our life.  By the empowerment we experience by choosing Love instead of hate.  By choosing God instead of fear.

It’s never too late to turn a disturbed relationship into a Holy relationship simply because it does not need a physical action or words spoken aloud to make this happen. It all happens in the mind and in the heart and in the decision to forgive and choose again.  Even if someone has left this world long ago, we can still choose to follow a new path of forgiveness and heal our relationship with them in our own heart. We don’t do this for the other person, we do this for ourselves. We do this so that the poison of a sick relationship no longer makes us sick.

We can’t make the changes with the thought of changing someone else’s behavior.  Each child of God has their own free will to choose their own experience and thankfully, that is none of our business.  Our business is to choose to allow healing in our own life, our own mind, our own spirit and our own heart. 

If we falter and find ourselves succumbing to the temptation to play the game or dance the dance again, it’s not important. We can simply ask for help and choose again … and again … and again.  Every moment is an opportunity to be peace-filled and joyous. Every moment is an opportunity to choose God instead of fear. Every moment is an opportunity to choose to heal a relationship. It is through our healed relationships that we are now open to the abundance, peace, joy, health and well being and safety and protection of a loving God.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Again I have dropped in for a dose of inspiration to remember to seek joy and light in my day. Thank you for sharing your wise and healing words.

  2. Colleen Dear, thank you for seeing these words that flow through me as a gift to you and helpful. I’m certain that is why I have been chosen to write them. And continue with your own healing writing that so many find helpful as well. Even though words are but symbols of symbols, they have the power to hurt and the power to heal. To use them for the purpose of healing has to be our purpose here. That and allowing forgiveness to flow through our spirit and into the world as often as we can. Love and Peace, Sharie

  3. I have family and friends who, at this time, find themselves unable to forgive. Hopefully the above message will touch their hearts if you allow me to share it. Please let me know by answering at

  4. Dear Anita, there is little more painful than family and friends who don’t know how to let go and forgive and surrender the past. By all means, use any of the words in this blog site that you feel would be helpful to others. If you or they need any ongoing thoughts, please e-mail me at Sometimes just talking about it is helpful to people in releasing their attachments to pain in relationships. I will also e-mail this message to you. Peace, Sharie

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