Posted by: spiritteacher | October 20, 2009


Ever since he began having the dream, he recognized that he was special.  In the dream there were people all around, but he always loomed larger than anyone and above him there hung a giant number One.  The One shimmered, lit by an unearthly glow and was suspended above his head like a halo.  He saw it as a Divine message.  In his waking moments he concluded that it meant he was destined for great things. So he worked harder than anyone else at his job.  He went to church on Sundays and other days as well.  He smiled his special smile upon everyone he met, but he never laughed out loud for he took his calling very seriously.

He bent down and offered the homeless woman his special touch as she sat outside the coffee shop he frequented in the mornings.  One morning he bought her breakfast and beamed his smile at her. That night his dream was more clear than ever.  He was surrounded by people from everywhere and above his head the One was even larger and shined more brightly than before.

“That’s it!” He thought.  “I am suppose to do good works.”  So when he wasn’t working overtime at work, he visited hospitals and spoke to the sick and told stories to the children. He smiled at the hospital staff knowing he was serving just as they were, only a little better. After all, he was number One.  In his dream the One never faltered.  It glowed above his head as always.  He liked feeling special and unique and number One.  He sometimes wondered if he was the incarnation of some ancient holy person.  He enjoyed the feeling of people asking him for help and him shining his special smiling light upon them.  Every time he helped someone the number One in his dream shone larger and brighter and the people needing him crowded closer. 

He found in time that he felt more fully satisfied, more gratified when he was serving others than when he was working at his job.  And so one day he quit his job, smiling kindly at his fellow employees and his boss.  Knowing they were losing him must have been deeply saddening for them.  He was surprised when he heard laughter and rejoicing when he walked out the door.  He concluded that even in his leaving, he left behind the joyous blessings of his kind and generous spirit and he smiled his special, knowing smile. But again, he didn’t laugh aloud for he recognized that his holy specialness required a certain decorum and gravity.

He traveled the world over and walked among the people shelling out smiles and blessings everywhere he went.  In India he saw himself as the incarnated Gandhi combined with the Holiness of Mother Theresa.  In Tibet he was the spirit of the Dalai Lama. Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer in America were just below him in the spiritual ranks. In South Africa he fancied himself greater than Nelson Mandela or Desmond Tutu.  Wherever he went he knew he was the greatest of them all. He was number One.

Years went by and he grew older and the number One in his dreams became a bit tarnished and old along with him, but it was there right above his head.  And he still believed in it and in himself as number One. Then one day he had a dream in which he saw himself as old and tired and he knew that his work here was done. It was time for him to walk through the Holy gates of Heaven and be greeted and honored as the number One.  But before he died he had one last dream; this one more vivid and more clear than any of the others.  More like a vision.

There he was looming large with people all around. The number One shone brightly, more brightly than ever before. He saw himself in the dream smiling wisely. He had done well in his life and here was proof. But this time instead of looking only at himself, he looked around him.  With surprise, he found himself surrounded by everyone he had ever helped and everyone he had ever encountered in his life. Each person he had ever touched in any way was there.  They were all joyous and noisy with laughter. With benevolent solemnity, he nodded to each one, knowing he was being honored and applauded for all his good works.

Then something strange began to happen.  As he watched, each person came closer to him and then closer and one by one their spirit presence  faded into his.  Each man, each woman, each child were not just themselves alone, but part of him.  And somehow he was part of them.  And as each one joined their spirit with his, the number One became fuller and more radiant. Its brilliant rays filled his vision with a light more powerful than any he had ever seen.  Finally there was no one apart from him but only him joined with everyone.  What did this mean? He wondered.  Why was he having such a dream at the end of his life?  His specialness had disappeared before his very eyes.  And then just as he was breathing his last few breaths he understood, not only this dream, but all the others.  And with this understanding came a loving voice inside his mind that said, “You and All are One.”   

And with his final breath, he did the only thing he could.  He left the world laughing.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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