Posted by: spiritteacher | October 16, 2009

THE MIRROR (A Parable)

As you go about your busy day, you sense a presence alongside you. It is calm and quiet and yet you feel uneasy.  Somehow you know this presence wants something from you. You’re not sure what and so you turn away. You do things to distract you from this unseen something that you believe will somehow change your life if you allow it. You may cook and clean obsessively. Or exercise, or work and play too hard. Perhaps you sleep too much or you eat more than you need or lose yourself in reality TV.  When the presence whispers in your ear, you may feel the need to talk incessantly or fill your mind with mindless chatter about absolutely nothing. 

But even as you try your best to hide from it, you’re just a little curious. And so one day, you take a quick and cautious look before you turn away.  What was that you saw?  A mirror?  The presence held a mirror. You’re certain of it and you turn your head to look again. Your heart pounds, your mouth gets dry.  It is a mirror! You knew this day would come and here it is – the mirror reflecting all your nightmares!  The mirror of judgment.  The mirror of all your past mistakes.  The mirror of guilty secrets you have kept, not only from the world, but from yourself as well.  And it’s so close!  How did it come so near without you’re knowing it was here? 

Panicked now, you turn and run.  You are not ready to face the mirror and its righteous judgments waiting to condemn you. Yes, your life is marred by sickness, sadness, fear and guilt and the world is clouded by violence and pain. It’s true that even in the good times you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Still you prefer to live this way, than face the music and the mirror. And so you keep on running. Running for your life.

Finally, one day you realize you’re tired.  So tired that you can’t take another step.  You can’t be any busier.  You have nothing more to say and the chatter in your mind is boring you to death. The fear and suffering in your heart and in the world is just too painful to bear an instant longer. You have reached your limit; hit bottom, maxed out. You raise your palms in complete surrender. You know it’s over, but you just don’t have the energy to care. You feel the presence as it stands quietly before you and slowly, slowly you raise your eyes.  There it is. The mirror.  You know you have to look and as you do, you fall down on your knees.  Great wells of emotion sweep over you and tears pour down your face.

From the mirror, a wondrous being looks back at you. It’s beautiful and filled with light, with purity and innocence. Like nothing you have ever seen.  You look into its eyes. Gentle, kind and lovely are its eyes.  Its smile is so filled with love that you can barely breathe. There is no judgment in its heart, not one speck of condemnation.  “Who … who are you?” you whisper. The mirror dissolves before your eyes and as it does the presence lifts you to your feet and answers in a voice that barely makes a sound, yet still resounds as clear as crystal in your mind, “Why, I am YOU, of course.”

In disbelief at first, you watch the sadness, fear and guilt fade into the light of your true Being and at last you understand. The you, you thought you were was only a distorted image in a fun house mirror. All this time the one you ran and hid from was yourself.  It was you condemning you and no one else.  The real You, God’s innocent creation, eternal and unchanging, filled with love, defined by joy, a light and wondrous being, was gently, calmly waiting to be heard.  

And with this understanding comes the quiet thought. “Now, go and tell the others.” And gratefully you do.


May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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