Posted by: spiritteacher | September 15, 2009


Something is stirring deep inside your sleeping self, awaking you slowly and yet surely.  Your eyes blink open, then snap shut because the light is bright. Sounds and scents flow softly round you and even though your eyes are closed your curiosity is piqued. The feel of your surroundings is somehow different than what you felt while you were sleeping. Your eyes are open now. You have a sense of rising and of moving forward – or is it upward, step by step?  The direction is uncertain. 

At first you are afraid because it’s change, but something tells you to keep going. Something tells you that the life you lived and thought was yours wasn’t what it seemed.  You know you’ve lived in fear a lot and wore protective armor round your heavy heart. You lived with guilt and sickness inside your inward home and worry was a close companion, as was anger and self righteousness as well.  And everyone, but you was often wrong.  Even you and God were not always in agreement.

These old recollections are fading slowly from your mind and something else is coming into sight.  A new vision. A new set of thoughts. You continue moving onward ever onward far beyond the place you were before. It feels like climbing stairs or rocks, you’re not sure which. A  mountain of some sort?  You’re near the summit now. You can feel it coming to an end. 

A fleeting cloud passes over and you shiver as you hear, “Last chance.”  Last chance to go back to what you were and how you lived before. Last chance for guilt and fear to lead you on your path. It’s tempting to return to a world far from perfect, yet familiar and all you’ve ever known – or so you think. It’s yours to choose and so you do as you take another step in the “right” direction.  And now there is no turning back.

At last a hand takes yours and helps you up the last few steps and through an archway built upon a bridge to your new home. You stand in silence and look cautiously around. The world looks the same to your body’s eyes and yet you know it is a whole new way of life.  There is Peace waiting patiently just on the other side of fear and Joy is there as well. Both siblings born of Love.  Abundance and Well Being come to play and Laughter fills your soul.  True Forgiveness shines away the last vestiges of darkness hidden in the corners of your mind.  It’s change for sure, but change you want.  But is it really change?  Something feels familiar.

Then you know. You haven’t changed so much as you’ve changed back.  Back to the place you were before you chose a world of fear and guilt. Back into a time when you and all were One.  Back and back and back into the warm, familiar arms of God. And now you understand the place that you just left was not your home, not your reality.  The something stirring deep within you was your ancient Self coming back to life.  No longer can you be who you are not.  No longer can a world born of fear be called your home.  Now are you alive.  Now are you free.  Now are you safe.  Now are you on your knees and thanking God that you were wrong and He was right.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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