Posted by: spiritteacher | September 10, 2009


We go before the Judge, our guilty secrets in a sack. A sack that strains our back and bows our knees. We dump the sack before the Judge, certain of our fate. We begin our litany of confessions, “I said this … I thought that … I saw something and did nothing … I saw nothing and did something … I should have, but I didn’t…  I shouldn’t have, but I did. … and on and on the trial goes for hours, days and months and years. We wallow in our misery as our sins swell up around us, a torrential flood of never ending mire that rises high above our heads.  We are drowning in our guilt.  Our heads are bowed in sorrow, our hearts filled with remorse.  And when we finally think we’re finished we start upon our brothers. 

“They said this … they thought that … they saw something and did nothing, they saw nothing and did something, they should have, but they didn’t …  They shouldn’t have, but they did… And on and on goes their trial for more hours, days, then months and years.

At last a firm hand upon our shoulder stops us in mid sentence.  It’s time for our punishment to be meted and our brother’s punishment as well.  We can’t look into the Judge’s eyes for fear of what we’ll see. The silence from the Judge goes on and on and on. Finally, our curiosity becomes intense and we must lift our eyes to look. The expression in the Judge’s eyes overwhelms us. We drop to our knees and burst into tears.  We know exactly what He’s going to say and then we hear the words that validate our expectations, “Not Guilty,” in a tone so quiet, calm and gentle that it takes our breath away.  Now are we filled with Love so powerful that it transforms a world of guilt into a world of Holy Joy. 

The echo of His Voice reverberates inside our minds and overflows our hearts with peace.  “Not Guilty, my precious Child.  Always only and forever as innocent as Me.”

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. “Not Guilty, my precious Child. Always only and forever as innocent as Me.”

    I would sign it – such wise;)

  2. Thank you, Vinayakah. Peace, Sharie

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