Posted by: spiritteacher | September 2, 2009

WHY AM I HERE? (A Parable)

You ask the question, “Why am I here?”  As these words resound into the Universe you feel a strange sensation and your body is lifted to another time and place.

You find yourself walking through a cave.  It is dark and damp and seems to be inside your mind as well as out.  At first you think you are alone. Soon you become aware of other beings in the cave, although you can see nothing. You feel confused and fear clutches your heart and dries your mouth. A calm and quiet voice speaks inside your head.  “It’s the unknown that you fear.  In truth all is known and you are always safe. Trust me.”  Slowly fear’s clammy fingers loosen their grip from around your hammering heart and fades into the blackness. Although it is dark as it was before, you have the sense now that whatever is here with you will not harm you.

In your hand a candle appears.  Its flicker lights the way a few feet before you, but not much more. But still its light is comforting and you continue walking knowing that at some point there must be a way out.  It never enters your mind that you might be going into the cave.  You just somehow know you are walking out.  You hear movement and shuffling behind you, but you don’t want to look.  If the voice said trust it, then you must trust it.  You firmly believe that it is your trust that will save you and lead you out of the darkness.

A hand reaches out and touches your lit candle with its own wick.  And so now there are two lights in the cave.  You turn and see a friendly face, a familiar face and your trust strengthens. Then another hand reaches out and lights its wick and now there are three lights and your trust strengthens yet again.  And then another and another lights its wick with yours. As the light increases with each lit candle, so does your trust.

You seem to be the leader on some pilgrimage.  You feel the gratitude of those who follow behind you as they place their trust in you. And you know it is because you have placed your trust in something greater.  Before long the cave is luminous with candlelight and now you see that all you feared are but your brothers and your sisters who love you as you love them.

At last you reach the mouth of the cave as you knew you would and those who follow you crowd around.  You hear soft sounds of oohs and aahs.  Outside the cave the night is filled with stars.  More in number than there are numbers with which to count. Their light fills the night and shines upon you and all those who follow you.  You turn toward the cave and see that it is gone.  That dark, damp place inside your mind has disappeared as have the candles for you don’t need them any more.  All there is now, are the stars above you and the warm safe earth beneath.  You take the hands of those beside you and they take the hands of those beside them and together, hand in hand you all encircle the entire world. The stars’ light shines upon each smiling face and blesses you all with your own pure innocence and God’s own healing Love.

The voice comes once more, “I asked you to trust me and you did.  Now are you free and so have you freed the others. And that is why you’re here.”

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Sharie,
    Why Am I Here? brought tears to my eyes. So full of comfort and knowing and wisdom. Your words of love and peace and joy are circling out into the universe, changing the darkness to light–just as you tell it in this story. Inspiration unleased!
    Thank you.

  2. It is comforting to know that all we thought was dark and fearful can be changed to light by simply joining with our brothers and sisters and shining our light into the Universe together. Did you notice that I used your idea of holding hands around the world? It fit in so perfectly here. And that is what we do when we see our brothers and sisters as one with us, each other and with God. Love you, Dear. Sharie

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