Posted by: spiritteacher | August 28, 2009

A TRUE STORY (A Parable)

You open your heart and see yourself awash with Light.  Light of a Heavenly nature.  In this light your eyes are serene, your face is calm and you are resting in a peace filled, loving place.  A smile forms and joy like a rising tide lifts you up and floats you just slightly above the earth.  No one can tell that you are different. But you know it. 

 You ask the Universe, “What’s happening?” although you aren’t concerned because the feeling is so beautiful and the world has become such a wondrous place that how it happened is truly irrelevant. The grass and trees are the green of a new spring leaf;  the sky, an endless crystal canopy. A soft sunlight filters through the trees and warms the earth to just the right degree while a sweet breeze gently fans you.  Happy laughter rides the sound currents and floats around you like a reassuring hug.  Who is laughing? you wonder, And with such joy? And then you realize it’s you.  Life is abundant.  Everything you need and want is right at your fingertips. You feel vibrant and healthy and safe.  Gratitude rushes through you in waves without an ounce of fear to mar it.  You understand with great clarity that if you were to lose this abundance, it wouldn’t matter, God would just give you more.  You look around and see that it is the same for everyone.  No one is lonely.  No one is sick.  No one is poor or hungry or angry or fearful.  Everyone is like you.  And then the miracle of true understanding comes over you; EVERYONE IS YOU –  AND YOU ARE EVERYONE!

This then must be your true home; the place that you were missing all this time.  All you know is that you want to remain here always.  Your friends and family are here joined in unity with you, your hearts beating as one.  “What changed?” you ask the Universe.  And the Universe responds with gentle kindness.  “You did. You gave up a few things. And then you woke up.”

“What?  What did I give up?”  You have no feeling of scarcity, of loss or sacrifice so this confuses you.  You see that you still have all your things and even more,  although strangely they don’t seem to matter much at all. There’s plenty of food and fresh water all around.  Every earthly need seems to have been met, for you and for everyone.  So what did you give up? you wonder.

“First of all,” the Universe replies, “You gave up fear.  And then you gave up judgment. You gave up guilt, yours and everyone else’s. You gave up thinking of yourself as separate from another.  You gave up your attachment to the past and your worry about the future.  You gave up all thoughts of need and want and loss and you gave up pain and suffering.” 

 “Am I dead?” you ask, feeling quite at peace with that.  

 “You have never been more alive and you are in the world just the same. This is the way the world looks without pain or guilt or suffering. When the past is forgiven and the future surrendered. This is the world in the moment when God is remembered and all else forgotten.”

“Wow!  And to think that all this time I thought I needed all that dark and heavy stuff.  Amazing!”  You lay down upon a grassy knoll, rest your head upon your arms and smile and smile and smile.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. A True Story–Is this your story, Sharie?
    It is so inspirational, so moving, so enlightening, an invitation to a new world that’s just beyond the veil of our dark thoughts.

  2. It’s not just my story, Dear One, it’s our story. This story belongs to everyone because it applies to all. It is the story of forgiveness and healing and is our gift from God that just happened to be written through me. I simply scribed what I heard. Love, Sharie

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