Posted by: spiritteacher | August 24, 2009


It is time to take our power back.  When we feel unhappy, resentful or our peace is lacking in any form, the first instinct of the ego is to project these feelings on to someone or something else.  I am afraid or angry or sad because of the economy, what I’m hearing on the news, what my parents, wife, husband, partner, sister, co-worker, friend said or did to me.  True we cannot control the news, the economy or the behavior and words of others, but we can empower ourselves by understanding that it is not these things that disturb our peace, but how we choose to see them. 

It is important that we ask God to show us how to be at peace even in the face of everything that is happening around us and to us.  It is this peace, this alignment with the Divine within us, that will bring all correction into our experience and into our line of vision.  We can’t seek peace to change the world, but we can and must seek peace for its own sake.  The corrections in our world will fall into place when we want peace with no expectations of how that should happen.  This means to simply allow the world to do and be what it is.  Allow the people in our lives to learn their lessons as they feel they must without our interference.  In this way we take ourselves out of the fray.  Now we can turn to God and pray, “Show me how to be at peace here.”  And then TRUST that His way is the only Way and allow Him to fill us up with light and float us upon His ocean of healing Love. 

Relax into Him.  Rest in Him. Walk quietly with Him in perfect Holiness through the noisy nonsense of the world.

Envision Him around you, surrounding you with healing light.  In this way you take your power back and free yourself from the insanity of the world around you.  Remember to be still and listen to the truth.  Remember to ask for help to see the blessings and the beauty and the miracles of the world.

Remember that Peace is a choice and one you can make every moment of each day.  And you are entitled to the peace and loving abundance, to the health and well being and safety and protection of God.  And so it is with everyone.  Those who do not experience His gifts are simply the ones who don’t allow it.  Allow your gifts from God and as you do you are then teaching others the same. As you learn and teach you not only bless the world and become instrumental in its healing, but you also bless and allow healing for yourself.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Reading your writing is like taking a deep breath of love, and then having it wash over me. Thank you, Sharie.

    • Pam, your a poet.  Thank you for your love.  Love, Sharie

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