Posted by: spiritteacher | August 20, 2009


A Course In Miracles teaches that it is through our relationships we will be healed.  As we walk in the world today, let’s think about this with each encounter and with all we meet.  No matter if it is with someone we have known our entire life or someone just passing by.  We cannot be at peace within our self as long as there is one moment of unforgiveness in our life in any form. 

It is important to remember this lesson: Those who push our buttons the hardest are our greatest teachers.  They teach us where our fears lie so that we can look at them and surrender them to God. There are no accidents in relationships. No relationship and no encounter is a mistake.  We think when someone disturbs our peace, we have to get them out of our lives or try to convince them they are wrong.  But the truth is if we can’t get along with someone, we need to look within ourselves and ask, “Why does this person bother me?”

This world is not a place of learning, but unlearning.  Peace lives within us constantly and is God’s gift to us and His will for us.  Wherever and whenever we are not at peace, we have put up blocks that keep us anxious and fearful and make us angry and sad.  These blocks are our judgments, our attachments, our need to control others.  We are here to learn to remove these blocks to our peace and we can only do this by looking at those who challenge us and then gently and with God’s help give these blocks (challenges) up to Him so He can show us that all we think is important is not. And if we are not at peace, WE ARE MAKING A MISTAKE. 

The same life we live in anxiety, depression and fear, can be lived in peace, by refusing to join with anyone in fear either by attacking (judging) them or by defending ourselves against them. The only true joining is through God’s Love. Our peace lies in our decision to experience our true nature.  To do this we must see the world and our relationships through God’s eyes.  It takes practice, but it is our only chance for true and constant happiness.  It is the only way our world will be healed.

Forgiveness does not mean passively condoning bad behavior.  If we need to stop someone from hurting us or others, than we do what we must do, but with compassion and love instead of fear and hate.  It means understanding that the behavior of others is not ours to judge. It means lifting everyone who upsets us up to God and asking for help to see our light and theirs instead of the blocks that keep us in darkness.  The world teaches punishment and vengeance and denial and suppression.  God teaches that each dark experience must be brought to Him so He can shine His light upon our blocks and make them disappear. 

 Every relationship is a Holy relationship and when we remove the blocks of judgment and see the love that lies beneath, we will at last understand our purpose here as instruments of peace.  Take it step by step, moment by moment.  Every single moment offers an opportunity to see someone differently. We are never alone in this.  God blesses every gift of forgiveness and healing that we offer Him and guides us through our pain and suffering into joy and light.  You may not be hugging or lunching with your “enemies”.  That isn’t necessary.  All that is needed is that you look upon each brother or sister with God and feel the release, the relief of true peace.  And come to understand that the only enemy is the blocks to peace within your own mind.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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