Posted by: spiritteacher | August 7, 2009


The ego is simply a mistaken thought system that we made up to separate ourselves from God.  It didn’t work, of course, because we do not have the power or the ability to separate ourselves from our Source, but we can certainly believe that we have.  If we are experiencing fear right now it is our own ego energy trying to distract us from our Truth.  I find it helpful to always believe that the fear is mine and in that way I know I made it up and so I can let it go. It often gets so strong that I am tempted to think it is separate from me and outside of me, but then I remember that there is nothing outside of my mind because I am God’s Creation and there is nothing outside of the Mind of God. Now I can remind myself calmly and rationally that I have the power to choose God in this and free myself of this experience. 


A Course In Miracles teaches that the only way to weaken ego’s hold on us is to look at it without fear. “Oh, there it is again. Fear is back. So what’s new?” What I do after I remind myself that it isn’t real is to ask God to help me see this through His eyes.  Then I can smile gently and let it go.  Sometimes it hangs on for a while after I have surrendered it, but then it fades and disappears into Love.  Of course it will come back and I will have to repeat the process.  We must understand that we have accumulated a lot of fear over time.  We aren’t going to eliminate it without some work.  But at least now we can recognize it as harmless and an illusion and choose God each time that fear arises. 

When we are on a spiritual path, ego gets a bit more persistent.  It understands that we are releasing our attachment to fear and that makes it more fearful. Without fear the ego cannot exist.  It will try to keep our attention and the more we turn to God, the more it wants us to see it instead.  But now we can see the ego’s persistence as a good thing, because every time fear arises we are given another opportunity to see what pushes our buttons and where our weaknesses lie.  It is only when we are willing to look directly at the fear, understand it is nothing and then surrender it that we can ever be free of it. The reason we know fear is nothing is because it doesn’t come from God.  Remember, God is only Love.  Therefore anything not of God is nothing.

If fears are arising because we are consciously choosing peace, it is only because the ego is fearful that we are abandoning it for Love.  We can’t let that stop us from opening to and choosing God’s Love at all times.  How can we allow an illusion to rule us when we have the Power of God within us?  As the Course says, why would we fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when we can soar with the eagles? We must take our power back and see ourselves as we truly are.  In truth we are a Glorious Creation of a Loving God in whom He is well pleased.  We are the light of the world and as the light of the world we are governed only by the laws of God and God’s Laws are love and light and peace and joy. 

If the things going on in the world, what we hear on the news or even what’s happening in our relationships and with our bodies is terrifying to us, it’s understandable.  But how does it serve a purpose for us to go around living in terror all of our lives?  How can we be instrumental in healing the world when we are stuck in fear as part of the problem?

We only have one choice if we truly want peace and that is to lift this world up to God and let Him have it with all its insanity and instability.  Then ask Him to show us another world where Love reigns and fear cannot exist.  It’s beyond my ability to explain it, but I do believe that we can be at peace no matter what is going on around us.  Our understanding this concept is irrelevant.  Trusting in God that this is so, is essential. 

We are here as servants of God and teachers of God and if we need help remembering this, He helps us.  How can we ever be at peace if we are not true to ourselves as Children of God?  How can we be at peace if we cannot see the flowers for the weeds, the sunlight through the storms, the blessings instead of the pain? Let’s pray, “God is the Love in which I see the world as blessed.” (ACIM)  And now let’s have a beautiful day shining our light with God’s and serving our true function as beloved children of a Loving God.   

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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